Why Stabilize Dentures
With Implants?

A removable denture is probably the best solution for those who are missing a large number of teeth. However, some people have difficulty with removable dentures for a number of reasons. They may find that their dentures become uncomfortable or painful, or they may cause difficulties with speech.

Often they may have to change their eating habits to accommodate their new dentures. Problems with dental occlusion (bite) may develop if dentures become loose or ill-fitting. This factor creates a cycle which leads to further decrease in retention, especially for lower dentures.

**These dentures can be used on both your lower or upper jaw. The implant-assisted denture may not require the use of adhesive. If you choose implants for the stabilization of your dentures, you will be able to enjoy many of your normal activities as you did prior to losing teeth. Most importantly you will regain your smile and chewing abilities.

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