Blog Post by Leigh Ann Edmonds

As a Dental Hygienist and a mom of 3 children one of my biggest fears is one of my children knocking out a front tooth from sports, accident, etc. Here are the steps to perform if this nightmare would become a reality.

  1. Try not to touch the root of the tooth when handling.
  2. You can gently rinse with water, DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE, SOAP AND DO NOT DRY OR WRAP.
  3. If you can, place the tooth immediately back in the socket.
  4. If you can’t reposition in the socket, place the tooth in some milk or have your child place it inside the mouth next to cheek.
  5. See a dentist ASAP, hopefully within 30 minutes if possible.

Mouthguards are very important and highly recommended if you or your child are involved in contact sports. They offer great protection and decrease your risk of breaking or knocking out teeth and can be purchased at many sports stores.