Post by: Amy Pfannenstiel

2018 is in the books. Another year gone and we’ve jumped right into 2019. I can speak for all eyeSMILE Vision and Dental team members and say we couldn’t be more excited to see 2019! Leaving 2018 did mean every team member had to say goodbye to jobs and coworkers. It did signify BIG changes in each of our lives. It has been busy, sometimes chaotic, fun and oftentimes overwhelming. Moving into the new year has been closing one book and starting a new one. We are ready!

After a year of planning, finding the perfect people to represent eyeSMILE, watching a historic building come to new life, moving, we are finally beginning to settle in to our new home! Watching Dr. Stacey Jones and Dr. Jarrod Jones see their dream come true is such a gift. I cannot imagine embarking on this journey with anyone else. The hard work, generosity, moral fortitude and humility they demonstrate is one (or should I say two) of a kind!

As we move forward we will always be grateful for those who’ve crossed our paths over the years. We are grateful for each boss, coworker, patient, customer, parent, family member and friend who helped shape us to be the kind of person the Joneses want to represent their dream.

We are also so humbled by our patients and their patience through this time. We understand it has been a bit inconvenient, however, each and every person has been so kind and understanding and quite honestly, excited for us. We look forward to January 14th when we officially open our doors. We hope you stop in to say hello and check out our new home.

It has been quite the ride so far and we are absolutely buckled in for the rest of it!!