Blog post by Jada Gemaehlich, RDH

Many people have heard of pregnancy gingivitis, inflammation of the gum tissues during pregnancy, but not everyone is familiar with periodontal disease and the affects it can have on our bodies and our baby(s) during pregnancy. As I was expecting my first child I, just like every other mom, wanted to keep myself as healthy as possible as I knew this will also help to keep my baby healthy.

Periodontal disease is when a specific microorganism or group of these microorganisms are present and causes not only inflammation of the gum tissues but also destructs the underlying bone, which our teeth are set in. This bacteria is harmful to our oral cavity and can also get into our bloodstream. When the bacteria is introduced into the bloodstream it can travel to all parts of our body and could potentially target our unborn baby, leading to premature birth and low birth weight babies.

To help prevent this harmful disease it is important to schedule routine cleanings with your dental hygienist. It is even more important to make sure you are doing your part at home by continuing great homecare with brushing twice a day and flossing daily to reduce the bacterial load.