Blog post by Holly Hoopes

We are often asked why coatings on patient’s lenses degrade or appear damaged. The first question that we ask is, “How are you cleaning your lenses?” Responses vary from Windex, hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol and hot water. These are not ideal methods to clean your lenses.

In order to extend the life of your lenses we recommend:

  • Never use anything with alcohol, this can damage and/or remove the coatings on the lenses. Antibacterial hand soaps may contain alcohol.
  • Never use paper towels, napkins, or tissues on your lenses. They may seem soft but can scratch your lenses very easily.
  • Use a cleaner that is labeled safe for the anti-reflective coating. The best cleaners and cloths to use are available from eye care professionals.
  • Use dish soap (alcohol-free) and water.  Rinse glasses under warm water then apply a small drop of soap.  Gently rub both lenses for a few seconds. Lastly, rinse both sides of the lenses and thoroughly dry them with a soft microfiber cloth.

It is important to understand that over time any coating will degrade. By following these recommendations, you may get a few more years out of your lenses.